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Love Lies Bleeding - Meghan Ciana Doidge I received a free eBook from the author via Making Connections in exchange for an honest review.

I'm going to have to gather my thoughts on this for a bit. This must also be mentioned, the cover is just gorgeous. I admit, zombies are not my usual thing but I couldn't pass this one up after reading the blurb and seeing the cover.

This novella reads very quickly, and even hard to put down at times. It was hard to follow at the beginning with the initial 'world building'. That was likely my biggest hurdle with the novella. Oh, and one other thing that I felt was unnecessary was the zodiac references (mostly early on in the story.) These are the two biggest reasons this didn't get a higher rating.

There are VERY different themes mashes together with zombies. Not what I was expecting at all. Girl loses boy, starts to loose a few screws, goes to the funeral in the wedding dress that represented a future that would never happen. Girl is depressed, and tries to kill herself. THEN the book really begins to get interesting...

I really enjoyed the use of multi-media within the book*. Music was thrown in several times (one of my favorite songs, in fact, "Hold On") along with descriptions of the wedding DVD showcasing the back story of their relationship. Overall, the writing itself seemed almost poetic at times which took a moment to be comfortable with. The juxtaposition of the subject matter and the tone really worked for me by the end.

I almost worried I had the wrong book for a while because I kept thinking, "I thought this was a zombie book. Where are the zombies?" But then we reach it, and - oh boy - there are the zombies.

The end had be rooting for the very last people I expected to be rooting for. Kind of disturbing, in a good way. I would most definitely read more by this author in the future!

*Edit* The music, DVD and other multimedia I mention is not included with the book, it is only described and used as a literary device to engage your other senses while reading. I am sorry if I mislead anyone in thinking a soundtrack or DVD was actually included along with the book.