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Ever Fire - Alexia Purdy I received a free eBook from the R2R Program in exchange for a honest review.

Overall I liked book 1 better. Like book one, it is still technically an urban fantasy, but tends to stick primarily to the fantasy part. Once again, Shade is trying to walk the line between human and fae, while searching for her lost fae heritage and figure out her powers. All there characters (for the most part) are the same from book 1, but we get to see deeper into their motivations, their past, and connections that bind them together. We also learn more about Shade and her family, including her human side.

However, it coveres a larger span of time compared to book one, and the 'time passing' techniques didn't sit very well with me. It especially took me by surprise when weeks seem to fly by in the space of a sentence or two, and I had to re-read the sentence to make sure I saw that correctly. It seems like there are interesting things happening during that 'lost' time that I wish was further explored.

Dylan- it needed MUCH more Dylan! I understood (somewhat) the reason why there were less of some characters and more of others... but it just took a different direction than I was anticipating after falling in love with book 1.

I still give it 4 stars, and would still absolutely continue the series. Instead of 'first book syndrome' this series has second book syndrome. I am looking forward to seeing Shade back on track (I hope) in future books.