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Worlds Apart - Kate Mathias I received a free eBook from the author in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

This was a little different than your average paranormal romance. I almost hesistate even using that term to describe it because traditionally a PNR requires a happy ending. This book isn't necessarily 'unhappy' but there is by no means a big warm, fuzzy HEA waiting at the end for you. It is the first of the Silver Oaks Series, and is set up perfectly to flow into the series.

Some good things about this book was that it is interesting first of all. It's not the same, tired paranormal plot chewed up and spit back out. It even has an near sci-fi aspect of parallel worlds, which I have not found in many of my read books. Unique plot, but the characters were very everyday. It's like a modern romance, similar character types to a romance, but thrown into paranormal events. There were even a few plot surprises (although a few I did see coming a mile away)!

So things that didn't thrill me as much was the 'mechanics' or 'how-to' of what was happening was not explored. It was similar to The Time Traveler's Wife in this aspect where everyday people seem accepting (very accepting) of supernatural events without explanation. There is a device used to help define the difference between the two worlds that was effective, but several times in the book there are (sometimes shorter sometimes longer) where it's like the book had a 'fast forward' jump in time that made it more difficult to follow.

Characters were well defined; despite the obvious similaries of in appearance there are distinct personality differences between Joe and Joe and Pip and Piper. The only thing that didn't happen... I was unable to get swept up in the characters to a point that 'bad' events would reduced me to tears. I felt sympathy for the characters and their troubles, but I didn't loose any sleep.

Overall, anyone that enjoyed The Time Traveler's Wife should enjoy the first installment of this new series. I know I am intrigued to see what else is in store for them!