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I am a mother of two boys and avid reader; I practically live and breathe books. If I could sustain my life on just reading, I would live forever. I'm weird, and proud of it. I have traveled to many places: Mexico, St. Marteen, Prague, England, Cozumel, and Canada to name a few. Many moons ago I co-hosted "Welcome to Insanity" radio show on a micro radio station in TX- but our show was played via streaming internet in coffee houses in Amsterdam. I have a BA in theater. I used to be "the finder of lost things" but I think my last child robbed me of my gift. Now I just have a large collection of useless information... it goes with my growing mountain of "to be read" books

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Joe - H.D. Gordon Wow. Just Wow.

H.D.- you've just bought yourself a life-long fan. I've already read her Alexa Montgomery series, and loved it... but this was oh, so different. Just the cover is so alluring- I honestly wanted to read just upon hearing she wrote it, and seeing the beautiful cover art. And then I started the book... Wow. I can't stop saying that!

"Mondays, as I knew them, had a nasty habit of flinging crap and flipping on fans."

While Joe is the main character, the story is still told from 8 different perspectives. You get inside the psychopathic mind of The Decider; absolutely chilling. Joe's more innocent (and jaded at the same time) clairvoyant mind. A soon-to-be-retired professor looking forward to her 'freedom', a heart broken college student longing for his first love, a stressed young girl on the precipice of an irrevocable choice, an ex-convict trying to rebuild a life and connect with his daughter, a single mom trying to raise two boys and improve their lives, and a young man drawn to Joe finally finding the courage to approach her. They all have their own story to tell, and make you root for each of them and empathize with their struggles. No one is perfect, life can change on a dime and end in a moment.

"Claire had a hole in her heart the size of Texas"

Towards the end, there was an amazing technique of running points of view together... almost a stream of thoughts jumping from character to character. It was amazing. It was not difficult to follow and had an chilling effect on me... it gave me goose-pimples. Words just cannot express how impressed I was with this book.

"Faith. County fairs, carnivals and circuses always made Mina think of it. More so than any Bible study"

If you are a fan of Koontz's Odd Thomas books, this paranormal thriller will be right up your alley. It was simply stunning. Joe was vulnerable and strong; scared and brave; a soldier of fate. I absolutely loved it.

"But that's life, baby, and that shit ain't always fair."