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I am a mother of two boys and avid reader; I practically live and breathe books. If I could sustain my life on just reading, I would live forever. I'm weird, and proud of it. I have traveled to many places: Mexico, St. Marteen, Prague, England, Cozumel, and Canada to name a few. Many moons ago I co-hosted "Welcome to Insanity" radio show on a micro radio station in TX- but our show was played via streaming internet in coffee houses in Amsterdam. I have a BA in theater. I used to be "the finder of lost things" but I think my last child robbed me of my gift. Now I just have a large collection of useless information... it goes with my growing mountain of "to be read" books

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Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover Wow... Just Wow.

There is no way I can do this book justice on the fly, so I'm going to have to re-visit and re-group on my review. BUT... if I could, I would steal stars from other books and give it to this one. It was that good. The heroine, while still in high school seemed much more mature (which I really liked) but still had her 'schoolgirl' moments to keep everything 'real'. I bawled my eyes out (in a good way)... it absolutely touched me.

You likely won't be able to tell from my reading dates, because I did read the first few pages, but then had to squeeze in a book before it was due... but basically I read this in one day. Despite having been ill, and tired, and needing sleep, and having to work the next day- all that took a backseat to finishing this book. Luckily just after midnight I finished.

I will say I'm a little worried about book two. While I loved this book, and am not opposed to seeing more from Will and Lake... I want them to have a HEA. In this book, you can kind of assume that is what happens. But with a book 2 comes 'drama' and most likely 'problems' and I just want Will and Lake to be happy.

I will be revising this review... I wish I could make it all snazzy and 'slam' it... but I fear I'm not that talented. Okay... time to bite to bullet and try my hand at a slam...


Have you been touched by words?
Have a hand reach through the pages
cause you rages
Eyes swimming in tears
"No, they can't" is my fear


By words
Words on a page
Pages of a book

Fiction replaces reality
Teachers become students
Pupils jaded no longer
eyes wide open to life
not death

Keep your sympathy
Bring down the walls
tear out the pages
and use them to repair my heart.

Okay... I'm so not a poet; I won't quit my day job. But seriously... read the book. It's disturbing in the best possible way. It's like Dead Poets Society without the ... no, wait, there is still a tear-jerking ending. Okay, no more comparisons- just read the darn thing!