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What the Cat Saw - Carolyn Hart Okay, where to begin? Well, first of all, I received this book in exchange for review from the author via NetGalley. It sounded like a slightly quirky/paranormal mystery, and it involved a cat. Seemed like a win/win in my book when I decided to try it.

What the Cat Saw made it to 3½♥'s. Why didn't I round up to 4♥'s, you might ask... I think because it had potential. It was a unique, if unexplained idea of 'hearing' cats inner thoughts and using that to solve a mystery. So the novelty of the premise seemed so ripe to just run with the idea and make this stellar mystery out of it. But everything just came out short. The romance, while I knew it was not going to be a feature of this book, barely offered even additional flair. The mystery itself I had figured out by about 33% into the book, maybe even sooner. And let me tell you, I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box when it comes to solving mysteries in books. I also must mention the paranormal edge to the book is sadly downplayed and not nearly as important to the story as the blurb lead me to believe.

I have to mention as well... the repetition. There were certain ideas, or speech, etc. that just reached a point of, "OK, we get it already. Can we move on?" Seriously, at least 20% of the book could have been cut out and would have made it move along faster, in my opinion. And maybe it's just me, and what I'm used to... but I have NEVER, ever heard of someone going away on vacation and calling their sister to act as a temp at their job. That's like the basic idea behind why everything happens... and yes, I get that her job may have required a temp for her to leave and maybe she didn't have money for a temp or something. The basic situation that 'creates' the book just rubbed against my grain.

The 'hero' of the book was likable, and I have a thing for red hair so that was a bonus for me. Unless I'm missing something, I don't think we got a single kiss. Not one. Not one single solitary smooch. That's sad. I know this isn't billed as a romance, the romance is more of just an after-dinner mint to the 'meal' of the book. But come on... not just one little pucker up?

Overall it just left me with a very 'average' feeling. It wasn't horrid, wasn't even bad; it also wasn't great or really good. Just middle of the road good, maybe a hair over the middle since I did give it 3½ rather than just the three hearts.