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Redemption (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #4) - H.D. Gordon I was able to be a beta reader for this fourth installment of the Alexa Montgomery Saga, thank you so much for that H.D. Gordon and Nicole from Share-a-Read. Even in it's beta stage, it was lovely, nay, fantastic. I am continually surprised and enchanted by H.D.'s writing. And to think that this series and Joe were her first forays into writing... just WOW.

The complexities of the world created around Alexa is staggering yet reading and finding yourself transported into the pages of the story is effortless. The mythology alone is unique (in my opinion) and seems to expand in a logical fashion with each book. For those of you familiar with Ilona Andrews- it's Ilona's level of detail without the initial shock to the system. Alexa and Nelly both are still 'young' women but have both been thrust into an unimaginable scenario.

I simply must also mention the detail and attention shown to the characters, even some of the side/supporting cast. Again, wow. I am sometimes worried about 'being in the head' of too many characters in the same book, but my fears were laid to rest. I could almost hear the characters whispering in my ear and have come to love or at least understand them all better. It became nice to peek inside the inner thoughts of some characters only encountered through other characters previously. Still firmly Team Kayden and always will be! And such magic when her left eye twitches. I just love that!

As previously through this series, I would recommend this for the more 'adult' end of YA. While compared to traditional romances, this would still seem very tame by comparison. However, there are some heady morals, politics, issues... it's just so involved with one seemingly small piece of the puzzle having this larger domino effect.

The only thing that drives me maybe a hair batty, and have a love/hate relationship with is those endings. I reached the end and was like, "this is part 1, right? Right? Oh, good, I was right. Wait. No. No, no, no. You didn't! Thank goodness you didn't. NONONONO, YOU DID! Why, why, why. Beautiful, brilliant, but all the same I don't wanna talk about it right now. I might hurt my Kindle." The saving graces: the books are just that good, so forgiveness is easy to dispense for the endings. Well... mostly. You might have to give me a few days on that forgiveness.

I highly recommend trying the series if you enjoy YA urban fantasy with a kick-butt heroine. I have yet to give any of H.D. Gordon's books less than 4½♥'s.

My review is based upon my beta read and second re-read of the final. I did receive it for free, but have not taken any compensation for my review. My thoughts are my own.