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Laura Meets Jeffrey: Both Sides of an Erotic Memoir - Jeffrey Michelson, Laura  Bradley Wow... overall, I can already tell you that reading this is like sitting with one of your (in my case) older good friends and hearing about the tales of their sordid past. It is a memoir, and not fiction (which is especially odd for me since I am nearly allergic to non-fiction) but it's so charged with sex, passion, drugs, the occasional 'star' or 'celebrity'... it is more than entertaining enough to nearly be fiction. But it's not. I did receive this eBook in exchange for a review from the author via the Fifty Shades Support Group reading program.

Okay, I had to let my thoughts marinate a bit on this, but I think they are finally 'done'. I want to first point out that generally I am a fan of fiction. PNR, Romance, Sci-Fi, Horror, Dystopian... all 100% fiction. But just the description alone caught my eye on this, and made me think I might be able to step outside of my reading comfort zone. I'm gratified that I did. It still told a 'story' albeit a true one; a memoir, rather than fiction; beautiful and harshly realistic and somehow romantic. I feel any fan of the fictional 50 Shades may well like this despite being near it's antithesis. No alpha, rich, 50 shades of messed up men and inexperienced virginal women. Complete 180 opposite, in fact. But as I said, still an equally compelling read.

With the recent popularity of alternative sexual lifestyles being more overt in literature, magazines, media, and socially, this memoir couldn't have been finished at a more serendipitous time. While 2012 cannot hold a candle to the freedom of the 60's, 70's, and very early 80's, I cannot help but feel that somehow the current social climate made this window into Laura and Jeffrey's lives possible. Be very sure you are willing to read what is offered... vanilla is a flavored offered, but not the primary one. 31 flavors might begin to touch upon the buffet offered in this erotic true story.

Another winning touch with this book, is hearing both sides from Jeffrey's male perspective and Laura's feminine one. While the lion's share is Jeffrey's point of view, I did appreciate that he was able to get those recollections from Laura. They are very real people sharing their past with us, and it absolutely comes across that way. Like meeting an old lover for coffee and reminiscing or swapping stories with a good friend, I was made to feel like I was invited in to Jeffrey's living room and comfortable couch. Sipped on some wine while listening to him tell his story, going on a few side tangents here and there as good stories between friends always do. If someone had told me 3 years ago that I'd end up loving a book that included glory holes, prostitution, and spanking, I would have been looking for a straight jacket for them. But, low and behold, here I am LOVING how cozy and hot this made me feel, and rather disturbed... in a good way (if that's possible?)

There were a few points that I maybe cringed a little or got a little antsy for a 'skip to the good stuff' but overall it was difficult to put down. I would recommend this to anyone willing to read a spicier book and take a chance.