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I am a mother of two boys and avid reader; I practically live and breathe books. If I could sustain my life on just reading, I would live forever. I'm weird, and proud of it. I have traveled to many places: Mexico, St. Marteen, Prague, England, Cozumel, and Canada to name a few. Many moons ago I co-hosted "Welcome to Insanity" radio show on a micro radio station in TX- but our show was played via streaming internet in coffee houses in Amsterdam. I have a BA in theater. I used to be "the finder of lost things" but I think my last child robbed me of my gift. Now I just have a large collection of useless information... it goes with my growing mountain of "to be read" books

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Hyde (Hyde, #1) - Lauren Stewart This left me perplexed... it's really difficult for me to rate it. Originality, just that fact that it is different does indeed deserve 5♥'s. The fact that I wanted to keep reading (it was a page-turner) also is worth 5♥'s. So two REALLY good things right there.

Choices that characters made (just my opinion) were at maybe a 3♥. My anger level while reading (if angriest=lowest number) was around a 2♥ level. There were moments where I absolutely wanted to reach through my Kindle and choke the characters. But, despite my anger, many like for a book to elicit such strong responses in the reader.


OKAY... I think I've finally decided... 3½♥'s is my 'official' rating, but since someone doesn't allow ½♥'s (yes, I'm looking at you GoodReads) I will round up. It was a tough call... a really tough call on if I would round up or round down. I do want to continue the series, and I think that was one of the biggest catalysts on how to score.

Edit I've mulled this over some more, and time has softened my initial gut reactions and sharp emotions... I am comfortable sticking with a 4♥'s on this. I already have the sequel and intend to read it, and that says alot right there.