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I am a mother of two boys and avid reader; I practically live and breathe books. If I could sustain my life on just reading, I would live forever. I'm weird, and proud of it. I have traveled to many places: Mexico, St. Marteen, Prague, England, Cozumel, and Canada to name a few. Many moons ago I co-hosted "Welcome to Insanity" radio show on a micro radio station in TX- but our show was played via streaming internet in coffee houses in Amsterdam. I have a BA in theater. I used to be "the finder of lost things" but I think my last child robbed me of my gift. Now I just have a large collection of useless information... it goes with my growing mountain of "to be read" books

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Breach - K.I. Lynn Holy freakin' smackity... I can't talk, I can't type, I can't express even partially about this book yet... It's like I'm in the middle of an eye of a hurricane, everything errily quiet but I know not far away, there is this whirlwind and all I can do is gape like a fish.

Ok... one word: Hot. No, Two Words: Hot and Wacked. Just the opening alone (pun intended) had me hot and bothered. It reminds me a little of Mystery Man: similar seemingly toxic relationship, I was shaking my head and waggin' my finger. I just wanted to help her find her inner Diva, and brush her hair and give her a hug. I went from saying, "No! He's not worth all this!" to "Yes, throw yourself at his feet, grab his arm, MAKE HIM really BE with you!"

The reason for all 5♥'s, beyond just sex, the characters. It does take a while to be let in behind their masks and roles they play everyday. Lying to the world, lying to themselves. Just after some of those peeks, I was caught up in the story. It was like a manic depressive wet dream- either fighting, or sex, or happy, or violent, or anything and everything in between. And it may have been a personal tragedy influencing it a bit, but I was bawling near the end.

Now, I'm not going to spoil anything here, but I can't lie. It's a cliffhanger. It's NOT a ride off into the sunset and everything is right with the world, and all unicorns and kittens and rainbows. It's cold, it's dark, and I don't know if it's going to come out alright. But, I'm not angry. It seems appropriate somehow, inevitable. I challenge you, if you're game, to pick it up and see if you'll join be at that edge waiting for the next part of the story. I'm smitten with these damaged characters, and I absolutely want more!


I received a free eBook via CBL Book Tours in exchange for a review