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Runes  - Ednah Walters It's like if you take the Lux series, and then marry it with The Mortal Instruments, that's in the same neighborhood as this book. I know that's clear as mud, but it really is like those two books had a love child book, and Runes was it.

I do have to give props- urban fantasy has become a harder genre to write in. It's so saturated, that it becomes difficult for some new books to really stand out. Runes does manage to stand out. Honestly, just the cover alone piqued my interest, the blurb sounded promising, and it left me with a pleasant, satisfied read.

Another aspect Runes nailed, I was surprised. I did NOT expect everything that went down. I understood and anticipated just enough to make me feel 'smart' for having a clue what to expect next; more than enough shock to gasp out loud several times while reading. Again, not always an easy feat to satisfy, so *applause* for pulling that off!

But wait, I only rated it 4♥'s, right? Why, you may ask. While Torin is indeed hot, he's also frustrating on many levels. I also got just the slightest hint of stereotypical characters, I just wish they sparkled just a little bit more. (Not like vampire sparkle *shudder* I may enjoy Twilight, but I don't want it in all my books.) I just wanted a little more... everything. More chemistry. More something (sorry but I just can't quite define this point.)

Also, not exactly a spoiler, but the ending is quite 'cliffy'. It didn't upset me or turn me off, rather just left me lusting for book #2. So, overall, adding the good and the bad, Runes still gets a solid 4 stars for me. For a first book in a series, it's well worth the read!

4♥'s by the hair of it's chinny, chin chin.

I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review