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The Mourning After - Adriane Leigh I really, really, really, really enjoyed this. My eyes were brimming with tears (unshed, but there) through an entire chapter. It was heartbreaking. Bad decisions, broken past...

Very Mild Spoiler, but important for many readers out there: This involved 'cheating'. If you can handle 'cheating' romances (although this is not as intensely moral as some - Does that make sense?) this situation didn't leave me feeling as dirty as some. I was, in fact, rooting for the cheat to happen.

The steam went up to an '11' in this book. My, oh, my. Is there somewhere I can sign up for a Tristan? Please? I know many readers were 'Team Kyle' at first, but not me. From the very start, I was 'Team Tristan' all the way. I don't care if it was 'wrong', because if Tristan is 'wrong' I don't want to be 'right'.

Hang on to your bootstraps for this one, too! It lulls you into this false sense of predictability, then *WHOOP* pulls the rug out from under your feet. Another total ♥ about the book, this is meant to begin a series, if I am understanding it right yet reads as a stand-alone HEA. That is total magic for me. I love series, because I become attached to characters and want more; but the 'dark side' of cliffy series endings is a recurring theme. Not so with The Mourning After, that warm fuzzy HEA is just waiting there at the end like a ray of sunshine, and the promise of another warm day in the future.

Anyone that enjoys romances with broken pasts, cheating love triangles, and sizzling passion... you don't want to miss this!

I received an ARC from Adriane Leigh in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.